Aug. 29, 2017, Dallas, TX

Organized by Anna Sergunina

Sponsored by LLIS

I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while. As a avid traveler and a conference junkie, I’ve been to a lot of conferences over last decade. This time, right where another financial planning conference was approaching, I decided that it was time to do something different. I thought to myself, what if I can get a group of women together in the same room and share a cocktail and a conversation? There must be a way to do it and if I am feeling an urge to do it, then there must be other women, financial planners who would be interested. I reached out to a female colleague, who was attending the same conference and she like the idea.

In the matter of a few weeks we put together all the details, venue location, creating a mini marketing plan, figured out the cost and the best part if that I was able to find a sponsor,, who loved the idea of women in financial planning space getting together and creating a cultivating and supporting environment. I think right then and there I had realized that there was something brewing here.

We went to work … reached out to all women we knew in our circles, posted on social media, reached out to everyone directly. To our own surprise, we had an awesome turnover. 55 women showed up!! The evening turned out to a success.

All of them had the same common theme of feedback, which sounded like this: “Oh, it’s amazing that we can get so many women into one room at a financial planning conference, where the majority are usually men”.
We created a facebook group and decided to continue our conversations and stay in touch.

An amazing time was had by all at this fun dinner in Dallas! It was so great to meet so many of our Facebook community members, share our goals, and make lifelong connections.

Photos from the event

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