Aug. 3, 2018 in Broomfield, CO

Organized by Anna Sergunina

Sponsored by LLIS & Mortgage Twins

9 months later after first initial gathering, I was again planning to attend an annual conference, Garrett Planning Retreat 2018 in Broomfield, CO and decided that women whom I knew from years ago should get the same experience. I reached out to the retreat organizing committee and got a full on support with marketing and promoting for the event.

We had a fantastic time meeting up at our Connecting Women in Financial Planning event at the GPN 2018 retreat. Colorado was almost as incredible as our incredibly awesome members who came out to enjoy an evening of fun, food, and networking!

This once again reinforced the idea that women in the space of financial planning are looking for circles to be part of, where they feel supported and empowered.

Interesting situation took place at that evening. I have advertised the event registration on Eventbrite and since it was a public event, a local woman, single mom with 2 kids, who was looking for a female financial planner to work with, found out that there was this evening taking place and decided to attend. When we all got to our venue, I noticed that there was a new unfamiliar face. She approached me and introduced herself. When I heard what she had to say, I was surprised and all I could tell her is that she was in the right room and could pick any one of us to work with. Coincidence or not, but once again, I had another confirmation that Kolective (we now had a new name for our group) was once again heading in the right direction.

Photos from the event

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