Round Table: Self Care

Have you ever wondered how to fit self-care more easily into your life?

At our first-ever Kolective Round Table, we were able to sit down with Misty Lynch, Amy Lebeck, Rebekah Jane Clough, and Diana Bacon to talk about how we all fit self-care into our daily routines, as well as what “self-care” means to us.

The best part of the round table was that everyone had their own unique definition of self-care – which is how it should be!

We should all be working to incorporate self-care into our lives in a way that makes us happy, and leaves us feeling fulfilled. So much of life is focused on how we can support others, but self-care is all about finding fulfillment and happiness for ourselves!

Rebekah had a phenomenal note in our round table. She told us an analogy about a filling a jar with stones:

In front of you, you have an empty jar. You have large stones, pebbles, and sand to fill this jar with. If you start by filling the jar with sand, you won’t have any room for rocks and pebbles. If you start filling the jar with pebbles, you might be able to fit some sand around them – but no rocks. However, if you start filling your jar with the large stones or rocks first, then pebbles, and finally letting the sand fill the space around them – you’ll be able to fit more into your jar.

This analogy represents how we choose to spend our time, prioritizing what’s important a huge part of self-care. The large stones are the things that we need in life to feel fulfilled and whole. They might be our family, our career, our fitness, our faith, our mental health – we need those things in order to keep going. When we fill our “jars” with large stones first, we’re able to fit more in around them. The pebbles might be things that are nice to have, but not necessary to you. The sand is the “extra” stuff in life that isn’t a priority – but you’re still able to fit some of it in after you prioritize the stones and the pebbles!

In life, when we prioritize our “most important” things, we make more room in our schedule to show up in exciting ways for things that might still be important – but not urgent. We give ourselves more space and more energy to find success and “win” every day.

Our round table guests also discussed work-life balance. All members generally agreed that “balance” isn’t the right word for what we’re trying to accomplish. Instead, we need to embrace the fact that there will be seasons of our lives where priorities are different – and that that’s okay. Sometimes we’ll be pulled toward our career, or toward self-improvement, or toward our family – and beating ourselves up for not accomplishing a mythical “perfect balance” isn’t going to help us achieve our goals or “win” our days!

We also talked about finding time for self-care in our daily lives. Amy noted that taking a small amount of self-care in the morning after dropping her kids off at school can help her to get in the right mindset of the day – even if it’s just driving around the block and listening to a podcast. Diana talked about how she blocks time out in her afternoons to train (she’s a professional weight lifter!) – and that time is solely meant for her to hone her passion for weight lifting competition.

Misty talked about how she’s started getting up early to create time in her day for self-care. As a mom of two younger kiddos, finding time in the morning helps to energize her and kick off her day in a way that she loves. She listens to guided meditations or affirmations, uplifting music, or podcasts in the car as she drives to her 5 AM morning bootcamp workout class. Then, by the time she gets home, she feels like she’s already accomplished a huge part of her day – and it’s only 6:30!

One of the biggest takeaways from our round table is that self-care isn’t always easy. It’s not always long vacations, bubble baths, glasses of wine, or a bowl of ice cream to “treat yourself”. Sometimes it’s making extra time in your day, waking up early, and putting in the work to prioritize our “most important” things in life that give us energy!

If you want to watch the full replay, click the link below:


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