Personal Growth: How Prioritizing Self Care Makes You A Better You

Here at Kolective, we’re all about personal growth. We focus on growing ourselves, and supporting one another, in every area of life – from our careers, to our families, to our personal goals. Lately, we’ve been talking about self care. We’ve covered how we incorporate self care in our daily lives, discussed it with a group of super-incredible individuals in our latest Round Table, and what self care is (or – more importantly – what it isn’t).

Today, we want to talk about how self care can actually make you a better You. If you were still doubting the importance of this “trendy” topic, this post is for you. The truth is that self care is about so much more than working out, or treating yourself to a bubble bath or a piece of chocolate. It’s about doing the work, even when it’s hard, to protect your boundaries, saying NO, and not having to explain “why”,  take care of yourself, increase your energy, and start winning each and every day.

Let’s talk a little bit about how self care helps you on your personal growth journey in every area of your life.

At Work

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt the sting of burn out. We’ve all been there. Our careers, side hustles, or businesses can really drain us if we let them. When we start to burn out, we’re more likely to make mistakes, underperform, lose business, miss big-picture goals, and more. It seems really unfair – that when all we really need is a break, or a “win”, we end up backsliding even further.

Self care can help.

When we think about self care, we often think about it in a way that relates to our personal lives. But guess what? It helps with your work, too. When we take care of ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally, we’re able to show up as our best selves. When we take the time to eat healthy, workout, and treat our bodies with love, we have more energy.

When we are participating in work that energizes and fulfills us, we’re taking care of ourselves and we’re able to produce higher-quality end results. When we set boundaries both with our colleagues and our clients, we’re able to effectively recharge and come back to knock it out of the park every day in the future.

Although a lot of self care takes place outside of the office, you can also take care of yourself at work. Focusing on the tasks that light you up, and working to outsource or automate the tasks that make you miserable, is a form of self care. Asking expert advice, working with a coach, or connecting with a group of like-minded colleagues, is a form of self care.

Sticking to your PowerList and ditching your to-do list.

At Home

When we think of self care in the home, we might think about taking vacations, relaxing, and recharging. All of those things are forms of self care, but there are so many other ways that we can practice self care at home that also improve our home lives.

Don’t just look at your at-home, self care time as a place to recharge so that you can accomplish all of your other goals. Instead, look at your home life as a place where self care can actually start to help you “level up” and live an even better, more fulfilling, life at home.

This might mean that you turn off your phone after dinner to spend time with family. It might mean that you plan workout dates ahead of time with your spouse or partner to truly connect, while still taking care of your physical self. It might mean you choose to meet your friends out for a hike, or a walk, instead of for happy hour – because you know that getting outside and connecting with the people you love will recharge you on another level.

The self care you do at home, or anywhere outside of the office, can directly impact the quality of life you’re living. It fills you up, and when you’re overflowing with energy and success as a result of self care, you’re better able to pour into the cups of others in your world – from your family, to your friends.

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