Many research initiatives have found that taking breaks increases productivity at work. 

But what is one thing that business owners have trouble doing? 

You guessed it: taking breaks. 

If taking breaks is so productive and healthy, why do business owners feel they don’t have time? 

Many feel as though they don’t have time to take breaks. Between client calls, website updates, content strategy, marketing meetings, continuing education, evaluating the finances, and so much more, they feel they barely have time to walk their dogs let alone take meaningful breaks. 

Struggling with breaks is something that many business owners face and today I’d like to dedicate this post to a discussion of not only why, but how to take breaks.

Creativity Boost

Healthy distance from a difficult subject actually stimulates rather than hinders your creativity. Some of my best ideas come when my husband and I take walks after dinner. It is because I am in a new environment, away from the constant ping of emails or blink of my cursor. 

Switching up your day, whether that be working from a different space, taking 10 minutes for mindfulness after lunch, or having intentional conversations with coworkers can be really helpful to reset your mind and motivations.

These breaks don’t have to be time-consuming. It can be 5 minutes to read an article you’re interested in or taking a walk/stretch time at consistent points throughout the day. Whatever works best for you, find ways of incorporating it into your daily life. 

Maybe you have tried taking breaks and haven’t found something that works for you yet. That is ok! Keep trying and playing around with activities that bring you a sense of calm and rejuvenation. Another thing I love to do is take an hour each weekday to attend a Pure Barre class. Those classes are all for me and allow me to push myself physically and mentally to find that mind-body connection. No matter what it is for you, be sure to make it a priority. 

Combating Overwhelm

Running a business is a complex job that requires a lot of time, focus, and determination. All of these demands can get really overwhelming which can lead to fatigue and burn out. Taking breaks can help combat this very real feeling. 

Healthy distance from your business is important to keep you energized and excited to continue on. The work will always be challenging which is why you need to give yourself the opportunity to actually put it away, regularly. 

Prioritizing Breaks

You have many priorities as a business owner. One way to ensure you take breaks is to prioritize them each day. Schedule your meetings in a way that allows you to attend a yoga class at lunch, organize your calendar so that you can take time off to visit your friends and family. By prioritizing your break-time, you will be more likely to both take breaks and get the most out of them. 

Time is another important factor to bring up here. Many business owners say they don’t have time, and while that may be true to some degree, it is also true that you have time for the things that matter most to you. Taking a break doesn’t mean you have to spend hours away from your desk (though it can). Besides extended vacation, breaks can be quick. Sometimes all it takes is 5-10 minutes of time for yourself throughout the day to really revive your energy and spirits. 

Remember, breaks are a healthy part of a successful routine. As business owners, prioritizing your time in ways that are meaningful to you will only help you reach your goals and become the best version of yourself. 

My next break is scheduled over the 4th of July holiday. How about you?


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