A few weeks ago, we talked about how time blocking can help you stay organized, incorporate self-care into your routine, and push yourself toward your goals. Today, I wanted to talk to you about another method of time prioritization that’s been working wonders for me as a new mom and business owner: the Power List. 

About a month ago, I spent a few minutes talking about how this new system has totally changed my life, in the Kolective community. Since then, I’ve still been using my power list each day – and it’s been amazing! I wanted to go over what a power list is, exactly, and how it can positively impact you.

Winning the Day

The Power List is based on one simple concept: if you accomplish five things today that move you forward, or toward your goals, you win. If you don’t accomplish those five things, you “lose” the day. Of course, our days are filled with so much more than just five things to accomplish. But this list helps you to focus on the five most important tasks that you must get done. 

Setting Up Your Power List

It can be helpful to think of five tasks that match the following criteria:

  1. They push you out of your comfort zone a little bit.
  2. They move you toward your goal.
  3. They cover multiple areas of your life. 
  4. They’re moving you toward how you visualize your ideal life. 

Remember – the tasks on your power list don’t have to be ground-breaking. Maybe you’re dedicated to reading more – so you put “read one chapter” on your power list each day. Maybe you’re shooting for a bigger goal, and are taking one step toward starting a business, or training for a marathon, or writing a book each day. The key is to find tasks for your power list that help you to move the needle – even if it’s just a little bit at a time. 

Visualizing Your Ideal Life

If you’re struggling to think of just five tasks to fit into your power list each day, it can be helpful to do a visualization exercise. If you sit down and envision your ideal life – what are you doing? What have you accomplished? What type of career do you have, what activities do you do every day? How do you look, and more importantly, how do you feel? Be as specific as possible! 

When you finish, you’ll have a more clear idea of the person you’re working to grow into – and can set your priorities accordingly. For example, maybe in your visualization, you’ve written a book, and run your own consulting business. A prioritized task on your power list might be to outline your book, write the first chapter, or create a services package for your new consulting clients. Maybe you own a home and work from a beautiful home office. A prioritized task on your power list might be to evaluate your budget to prioritize saving for a home down payment. 

Don’t be afraid to break your biggest dreams and goals into bite-sized steps. Your Power List isn’t about accomplishing these big, intimidating goals all at once. It’s about moving the needle little by little to win each day. And, when you win each day, you’re able to win at life!

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