Who We Are

About Our Members

The Kolective community has members from all different age groups, backgrounds, and with a wide range of experiences. Together, we create an environment that focuses on supporting our fellow women in the financial planning profession. We know that we can create change by working together.

We know that sharing our stories empowers others in this profession to speak up and out against gender discrimination in the workplace. We know that by lifting each other up we’re creating a space that celebrates who we are as female financial planners, encourages others to join us in this profession, and encourages us to accomplish our goals.

What We Do

About Kolective

Kolective is working to change the tides in the finance industry.

We are a community full of successful, ambitious women who are bound together by one primary belief: together, we can achieve anything. We wholeheartedly believe that unity is key if we want to do more, be more, and become better every single day.

We believe in uplifting one another, creating a platform for our experiences to be heard, providing the resources we need to grow and thrive, and lifting each other up. Empowered women empower women, and Kolective has set out on a mission to do just that.

Through Kolective, you’ll gain access to:

  • A network of women ready to support you in your career and personal endeavors
  • Resources to help you grow in your career
  • In-person local networking events
  • The Annual Summit – bringing our best people and resources together
  • Our private online community, where we’re sparking conversation and connecting with movers and shakers in the finance industry and beyond to create change
  • Tools you need as a non-planner to break into the profession
    • Weekly Podcast and Kolective TV
    • Master Classes
    • Roundtable discussions
  • Mentee/Mentor connection platform – we all deserve to grow together, and we believe that connecting with your fellow female professionals in a mentorship capacity can help

About Our Founder

Hi, I’m Anna Sergunina, CFP®. I believe that, with hard work and a united team of passionate people, we all can create positive change in the world. My parents taught me to seize opportunities and to focus on achievement through hard work and independence. I bought my current financial planning practice by the time I was 30, and today I run 3 full-time businesses. When I look back on my career, the one thing I wish I had had was a female mentor to share her experiences with me, and vice versa. And so, Kolective was born.

I founded Kolective with a simple mission: to empower women to live their best lives in the financial planning profession, and to help them reach their full potential through the support of an all-female community. I believe that, through connecting with others and creating an engaging environment to learn and grow, the members of Kolective can create true change both in their lives and career, and in the profession as a whole.

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