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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Kolective is an organization founded with the sole purpose of supporting women in the finance industry. We provide our members with access to content and resources to help them grow into their best lives – both personally and professionally. We also foster a collaborative environment with our events, mentorship program, and more!

A. We want to foster your success, and that means we’ve created many different ways for members (and non-members) to get involved with Kolective’s fast-growing community. If you’re interested in membership, consider joining our Facebook community, checking out our resource library, or attending one of our events. You can even contact Anna Sergunina about our soon-to-be-launched mentorship program! If you’re a sponsor looking for more details about partnership, contact Anna Sergunina directly.

A. Check out our Events page to learn more about upcoming Kolective events near you!

A. Contact Anna Sergunina today to learn more about our up and coming mentorship program! Additionally, you can check out our resource library and Facebook community for other fantastic resources.

A: Our Facebook community is thriving, and a great place to connect with other like-minded women!

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